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Music links in Florence

Accademia Musicale di Firenze
Accademia Bartolomeo Cristofori - Amici del fortepiano
Accademia di San Felice
Accademia Europea di Firenze - school of language, music, art and culture.
Amici della Musica di Firenze - Homepage of Florence's leading chamber music society.
Associazione Musica Ricercata - Associazione per la promozione della cultura e dell'arte. Presidente e Direttore artistico: Michael Stüve
Piero Bellugi - Conductor
Silvio Brambilla's Home page - Recording and sound engineer
Centro Tempo Reale - founded by Luciano Berio in 1987
Conservatorio "Luigi Cherubini" - Home page del Conservatorio Statale di Musica "Luigi Cherubini" di Firenze
Duo Pianistico di Firenze
Florence International Music Summer Campus - Classical and jazz music summer courses in the Florence Music School "Il Trillo", with musicians and teachers of international fame.
Lorenzo Fuoco - violinista fiorentino, suona nel Quartetto Perseo
GAMO - Concert organization for mainly contemporary music.
Daniele Garella - pianist and composer of music for meditation and relaxation.
Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Home page of the Florence's Maggio Musicale Orchestra
Tiziano Mealli - pianista
Michele Manzotti - giornalista e musicologo fiorentino
Sergio Miceli - storico della musica con particolare specializzazione nel campo della musica per film
Midi Files - A collection of Midi files of mostly Early music
Modo Antiquo - Baroque orchestra and medieval ensemble
ORT - Orchestra della Toscana - ORT-Orchestra della Toscana Official Web Site.
Carlo Prosperi Home page of the Florentine composer Carlo Prosperi who was part of the Avantguard of the post-war Italian music scene.
Quartetto di Fiesole - reknowned string quartet
Scuola di Musica di Fiesole
SPES - Studio per Edizioni Scelte - beautiful facsimile editions!

Early Music and Recorder links

The Recorder Home Page by Nicholas Lander - this site is so complete that no other link is necessary!

Accademia di San Rocco - Music in Venice. Venetian ensemble specializing in Baroque music directed by Andrea Marcon
Accademia Organistica Campana - a musical organization devoted to the Pipe organ.
The Academy of Ancient Music - Originally established in 1726, the modern revival of The Academy, founded by Christopher Hogwood in 1973, created one of the first 'period-instrument' orchestras and is now renowned worldwide for its concerts and recordings of music from the Baroque, Classical and early Romantic eras.
Alamire - facsimile editions of early music
American Musicological Society - with links to academic job listings, dissertations, academic institutions, music libraries, archives and online catalogues, and lots more!
American Recorder Society Inc. - The members of the American Recorder Society include teachers, leading professional musicians, and amateurs of all ages. Founded in 1939, the ARS has provided service and support to recorder players worldwide for nearly 60 years
Amherst Early Music Festival - the largest and most comprehensive teaching music festival for historical performance in the Western Hemisphere with programs for Recorder, Viol, Voice, Harpsichord, Reeds, Brass, Lute, Harp and Historical Dance
Antique Sound Workshop, LTD - America's leading source for historical musical instruments
ARTA Homepage - American Recorder Teacher's Association
Bloomington Early Music Festival - concerts, theater, exhibitions, and workshops celebrating music of the medieval, renaissance, baroque, and classical periods
Philippe Bolton - French recorder builder. Makes Baroque, pre-baroque, Ganassi style, Medieval and Electroacoustic recorders (for jazz, contemporary music, street music etc)
Boston Camerata - Home page of one of the foremost early music ensembles, directed by Joel Cohen
Boston Early Music Festival & Exhibition - a non-profit organization that promotes early music
Boston Early Music News - Sheila Beardslee Bosworth, editor
Jean-Luc Boudreau - Canadian recorder builder.
Boulder Early Music Shop On-Line - on-line catalog of music books, instruments and accessories
Amy Brodo and the Sex Chordæ Consort of Viols
Adrian Brown Excellent recorder maker based in Holland. This interesting site includes the Renaissance Recorder Data Base.
The Cantigas de Santa Maria - maintained by Greg Lindahl. Contains images of the original manuscripts.
Carolina Pro Musica - North Carolina Baroque performance group. Musical director: Dr. Dale Higbee
Carolina Culture Connection - 1000+ Classical Music Web Site Links covering all periods of music history from the Middle Ages through the Twentieth Century. Sponsored by Carolina Culture Connection (Classical Links) and maintained by Charles K. Moss
Andrea Cavigliotti an Italian couple specializing in the building and restoration of artistic harpsichords
Racheal Cogan - a phenomenal Australian player with a special interest in modal, non-harmonic musics, particularly from Greece, Turkey, Iran and India.
Collins and Williams Historic Woodwinds - authorized US warranty repair service for Moeck, Coolsma, Zen On, Dolmetsch, Aura, Mollenhauer -- and other quality instruments
Concerto Copenhagen - Danish players of early music
Consort Veneto - Early Music group based in Padua, Italy
ConTempo - Italian publishing and distribution company specializing in Contemporary and Early Music
Convivium Musicum - concert schedule, program information, news and history for Boston-based early music ensemble
David Bellugi's Midi Files - Diminutions of Renaissance music, "Music Minus One" files and transcriptions of ethnic music all in Midi format
Dolmetsch Home Page - The Dolmetsch family has been making and performing Early Music since 1885!
Earlym-l - Database of the early music newsgroup "rec.music.early"
Early Music - information on Early Music: links, associations, concerts, schools, used instruments. Maintained by luthier Giuseppe Tumiati
Early Music America - service organization for the field of historical performance in North America.
Early Music Fora (UK)
Early Music Guild of Oregon
Early Music Guild of Seattle
Early Music Institute - located at the Indiana University School of Music
Early Music Italia - Associazione concertistica di Milano. Direttore artistico e presidente - Giorgio Matteoli (flautista/violoncellista).
Early Music Midi Files - from Curtis Clark
Early Music Network & News UK a resource for promoters, performers, and anyone interested in details of who is available for early music performance in the millenium year.
The Early Music Shop - in Bradford (UK)
Early Music Vancouver - information on upcoming concerts, summer courses and workshops of the Vancouver Early Music Programme & Festival, and on its quarterly journal 'Musick"
Early Women Masters - by Sarah Whitworth. Divided into two sections:
Medieval Women composers recommended CDs - Women's Early Chant and Choral Music
Early Music Women Composers - MIDI Soundfiles
EMG's Guide to Early Music Resources on the Internet
ERTA - the European Recorder Teachers Association (UK)
ERTA - the Italian branch of the European Recorder Teachers Association
Flauto Dolce - the 7-year program of study for the Recorder in the Italian conservatory system
Il Flauto Dolce -- The Recorder - from Sebastian Loh (Singapore)
Flauto Nuovo - Institute for recorder education in Friesland (Netherlands)
Folkers and Powell Historical Flutes - a comprehensive web site for everyone interested in flutes of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries
Fondazione Italiana di Musica Antica - the Italian Early Music Foundation. Formely the SIFD, Società Italiana del Flauto Dolce (the Italian Recorder Society)
Sergio Gistri - excellent Italian viola da gamba maker.
Dave Grossman's J.S. Bach Page - Complete catalog of Bach's compositions, plus lists of Bach recordings, midi files, audio files, etc.
Grupo Cinco Siglos - Spanish group specializing in Medieval music
Douglas Gunn's Home Page - Recorder player, composer, arranger, conductor and editor of early music
HARRASSOWITZ, booksellers and Subscriptions Agents - supplies music scores and books. Includes an excellent database and lists of composers and publications
Harpsichord and Related Topics - the WWW site of the Harpsichord mailing list: HPSCHD-L maintained by HARPA - Harp Journal, Harp Agency, Harp Spring, Erard Society, Study Group on Harp History, Music and Harp Archaeology. Maintained by Odilia Publishing Ltd., Dornach (Switzerland)
Hawthorns Music Home Page (Greg Lewin)
Jan Hermans - Belgian maker of Renaissance and Baroque recorders and Baroque flutes (traversos)
Institute for recorder education - in Friesland (Netherlands)
International Committee of Musical Instrument Museums and Collections
The Jacob Van Eyck Homepage by eminent musicologist and recorder player, Thiemo Wind.
J. S. Bach's home page including biographical notes, complete works, recommended recordings and links.
Bernd Katzbichler - bookseller for antiquarian music and publisher of books about music (musicology)
Paul van Kuik - Antiquarian Music & Music Literature
Language and Music for Life - International Music and Language Summer Courses
Lindum Records - suppliers of Early Music Recordings worldwide
List of Early Music Vocal Ensembles - a listing of vocal ensembles who perform early classical music from the Gregorian chant to the Baroque period
List of Period Instrument Performance Ensembles (PIPE List) - a list of instrumental ensembles who perform early music on 'original' or period instruments
List of record companies specializing in Early Music - compiled by Todd M. McComb mccomb@medieval.org
The Lute Page by Wayne Cripps, Dartmouth
Lyrichord - world and early music
Federico Marincola's Lute Page - Italian lutenist Federico Marincola also runs the Itailan lute mailing list "liuto-it"
Medieval Music & Arts Foundation contains FAQs and info on early music , chant, world traditional music and humanities
Early Music Network Inc. - a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote, revive and support historical performance practice all over the world.
Mollenhauer, copies of historical instruments, special constructions for the handicapped, repair of all woodwind instruments
Associazione Musica Ricercata - Associazione per la promozione della cultura e dell'arte. Presidente e Direttore artistico: Michael Stüve
MusicSearch - the Internet's Music-Only Search Site
NEMA - the National Early Music Association (UK)
New Landscapes for the Recorder: an Internet conversation with David Bellugi by David Lasocki
Notizie Italiane sul Flauto Dolce - curato da Gianluca Barbaro
Nyman Early music and medieval pictures page
Odilia Publishing Ltd. - HARPA Harp Journal, Harp Agency, Harp Spring, Erard Society, Study Group on Harp History, Music and Harp Archaeology
ORPHEON - Museum of Historical Musical Instruments - Prof. Jose Vazquez
Home page of counterpoint and fugue - Home page of Italian recorder player and composer, Giorgio Pacchioni, containing links to large number of his compositions in period style (Baroque and Classical). Questa pagina web dedicata al contrappunto storico, con particolare interesse verso la fuga da 3 a 8 voci con basso continuo.
Pan Flutes in Paradise - Join Hawaii's award-winning flutist, Brad White, as he leads you on an exotic musical journey.
Panpipe and Panflute site and the DAJOERI Panflute School
Pipe Organs and Related Topics - the WWW site of the Pipe Organ mailing list: PIPORG-L maintained by Ben Chi
Polyphony.com - specializes in early music, historical performance, and original instrument ensembles and events within the New York City metropolitan area
Pompadour's Early Music Site - info on composers and MIDI files of Baroque-era pieces
Prescott Workshop - Thomas M. Prescott and his workshop for recorders in NH, USA.
QUADRO FRAME - Italian record company with some interesting Early Music titles
Patricia Ranum's musicological musings about 17th century musical life
The Recorder Home Page by Nicholas Lander - this site is so complete and so well laid out that no other link is really necessary !
The Recorder in France by Jean-Luc Manguin
Recorder Music Mail Web Site - UK-based mail order site with a vast catolog of music and instruments.
Recorder Home Page Japan - compiled by Minoru Yoshizawa
Recorder Players on the Web - compiled by Nicholas Lander
Recorder-Radio.com - Internet radio station dedicated to the recorder!
Renaissance and Baroque Society of Pittsburgh
The Renaissance Players - The official homepage for Australia's oldest Early Music group
Revista de flauta de pico - Spansh recorder magazine
RG Editions - editions of 17th and 18th century chamber music, scholarly, practical, value for money.
RISM-US Home Page - Repertoire International des Sources Musicales International Inventory of Musical Sources.
Sacramento Recorder Society
San Diego Early Music Society - lists annual international concert series, local early music workshops, and membership information
San Francisco Bach Choir
San Francisco Early Music Society
John Sankey, harpsichordist - all 555 sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti in MIDI and much, much more.
Benoît Sauvé, recorder - A very intesting recorder player and a jazz musician who plays all sorts of music: cuban, celtic, brazilian, electronic. Has ample sound samples on his sight.
Società Italiana di Musicologia - Italian Musicological Society
SRP - The Society for Recorder Players - (UK)
SPES - Studio per Edizioni Scelte - beautiful facsimile editions!
Texas Early Music Project
Thames Valley Early Music Forum - encourages the playing of early music and kindred activities, in the London - Oxford area of the United Kingdom
Pamela Thorby : Official Website
Giuseppe Tumiati's workshop - plucked string instruments for Early Music.
University of Birmingham CEMPR - Centre for Early Music Performance and Research
Ut Orpheus Edizioni - books and scores of classical and early music for all instruments and vocal music
the Viola da Gamba Society of America - a not-for-profit national organization dedicated to the support of activities relating to the viola da gamba in the United States and abroad
von Huene Workshop, Inc. - makes, sells, and repairs historical woodwinds
Arto Wikla's Homepage - Many excellent links from a Finnish lutenist
Herb Wurtzel - composer. From this site you can print original Romantic style recorder pieces for soprano, alto and tenor recorders.
York Early Music Festival

Classical Music links

American Musicological Society
Association of British Orchestras
L'Associazione Internazionale delle Biblioteche e Centri di documentazione
Brad Leissa's Home Page - including George Frideric Handel Home Page, the PIPE List of Period Instrument Performance Ensemble, the EMVE list of Early Music Vocal Ensembles and the list of Authentic Performance Recording Labels
Carolina Culture Connection - 1000+ Classical Music Web Site Links covering all periods of music history from the Middle Ages through the Twentieth Century. Sponsored by Carolina Culture Connection (Classical Links) and maintained by Charles K. Moss
CDnow: welcome - Best site for buying CDs on the WWW
Centro di Ricerca e di Sperimentazione per la Didattica e Musicale - the largest Italian organisation for musical pedagogical research
Chesky Records - audiophile record company.
CIDIM - Cidim - Comitato Nazionale Italiano Musica
Classical.com - offers online listening, downloads, custom CDs, and a huge resource of entertaining information to expand your classical music knowledge.
Classical MIDI Archives
Classical Net Home Page
Coda music softaware - producers of music notation software
Compact Disc Connection
Dutch Classical Musicpage - contains more than 1100 (inter)national links to Classical Music sites.
Favorite Classical Composers - a compilation of biographies of famous classical composers, and articles on their popular pieces.
La Homepage della musica in Italia - All you ever wanted to know about music in Italy (and more)
The Hyperion Records Home Page - Casa discografica
Lark In The Morning - SF store specializing in unusual musical instruments from many cultures
La Scala - Homepage of Milano's famous opera house
Language and Music for Life - International Music and Language Summer Courses
Musica Classica in Italia
Music Notation Software - complete list of music notation programs
Music Resources (Sibelius Accademy) - One of the largest list of musical links on the Web.
Operabase - Database dedicated to opera
Promart - includes an impressive list of concert events, concert societies, impressarios, music competitions, performers, recording companies, operas and music magazines in Italy
The UK Piano Page - Everything you need to know about the Piano, plus all the UK Piano Makers and a list of Piano Tuners.
Where to announce your new WWW pages and journals
Worldwide Music Resources on the Internet - Indiana University at Bloomington. An excellent site!
Viola Jokes
Jokes about musicians

Miscellaneous Music links

Classical Composers Database
Composer timeline
Grigory Sokolov's Music Site - the home of pianist Grigory Sokolov, includes pages dedicated to Glenn Gould, Prokofiev e Furtwängler.
A complete works list for Bach, Monteverdi and Purcell
Cello Paul's ONLINE MUSICIANS LIST - Email and web page links to mostly classical musicians
Musicians On the Internet (MOI) - a virtual listening booth created and run by musicians on the World Wide Web

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