David Bellugi's MP3 Files

From Landscapes

Juan del Encina (1468-1529): Villancicos & Romances

Amor con fortuna
Triste España
Ay, triste que vengo
Pues que ya

Béla Bartók (1881-1945): Six Roumanian Folk Dances

Brâul Topogó
Bucsumi tánc
Román Polka

Renaissance Hungarian Tunes:

Wir Glauben all an einem Gott (István Gálszécsi, 1536)
Histoire vom Propheten Elias (anonymous,1542)
Tánz (anonymous, 1562)
Untitled (anonymous,1600)
Ungarescha (after J. Paix, 1583)
Passamezzo ongaro (anonymous, 1573)
King David (Tinódi Sebestyén, 1549)
Melody of the Danube (Tinódi/Kodaly)

Leo Brouwer (1939):

Paisaje cubano con rumba (1985)

Three Klezmer dances

Roumanian Horra and Bulgar (traditional):
Frailach (A. Olshanetsky)
Gypsy Bulgar (traditional)

Claude Gervaise (16th century): from the Livres de Danceries, 1555

Bransle Gay II
Bransle de Champaigne X
Bransle Gay VII

Diego Ortiz (c.1510-c.1570): from the Trattado de las glosas ... 1555

Recercada Primera



From Leo Brouwer presents

Antonio VIVALDI (1678-1741)

Concerto "Il Gardellino" (based on RV 90)
Leo Brouwer conducting the Musici Mundi Chamber Orchestra
with Pietro L. Horvath (concertmaster) and Andrea Perugi (harpsichord)




From Orchestra del Chianti

A. Riccardo Luciani (1931): Concerto di Anacró
Piero Bellugi conducting the Orchestra del Chianti
with Tiziano Mealli (piano) and Davide Mazzei (percussion)

1st movement Introduzione e allegro

2nd movement Canzone notturna

Third movement Filastrocche e danze anacronesi



From "Giuia"

EMA records 30006

Kamran Khacheh (1949)




David Bellugi

Improvisation done with a bass recorder and a DSP [2.9M]



Roberto Picchi

Kurdish dance arranged for recorder, violin, viola and cello



Gaetano Giani-Luporini

The following unpublished pieces were commissioned by recently deceased Italian actor Carmelo Bene to accompany texts based on Saint Francis of Assisi.

1. Cantico delle creature Francesco d'Assisi
2. Il Papa Francesco d'Assisi
3. Il ballo di Francesco Francesco d'Assisi
4. Fratello fuoco Francesco d'Assisi
5. Dell'anima che soffre Juan de la Cruz
6. Notte oscura Juan de la Cruz
7. Veggo esso spirito Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi
8. Colloquio dell'anima Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi
9. Per amore del mio amore Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi
10. L'amore morto Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi
11. Monte Carmelo Juan de la Cruz
12. Vivo ma in me non vivo Juan de la Cruz

DIALOGO - David Bellugi and Ivano Battiston: In Concert

The following are recordings with accordionist Ivano Battiston (accordion).

J.S. Bach [attributed to]
Sonata in G minor, BWV 1020

B. Bartók
Roumanian folk dances
Bot-tánc, Brâul, Topogó, Bucsumi tánc, Román Polka, Aprózó

Traditional Klezmer dances
Roumanian Horra and Bulgar (traditional)
Frailach (A. Olshanetsky)
Gypsy Bulgar (traditional)

[arranged by Bellugi & Battiston]

D. Bellugi - I. Battiston
[warning: due to the large dynamic range, do not turn up the volume on this piece!]